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CNC Machines

The Digital revolution driven by computing systems has revolutionised every industry including the manufacturing industry – a linchpin for economic growth. Computation power helped the manufacturing industry reach new levels of accuracy, efficiency and scalability accelerating global economic development. At the heart of this, computer-powered manufacturing revolution stands Computer numerical control (CNC) machines that made it possible.

Electronics, Agriculture, Construction, Firearms Transportation, Dental, Food and Beverage, Military and Defence - CNC machines play a pivotal role in the production and manufacturing process in every industry today.

Being one of the leading global suppliers of CNC machines, C-Way Exports is honoured to play a crucial role in helping industries get access to the most reliable, high-performance and advanced CNC machines for global clients across different manufacturing sectors. With more than 25 years’ experience in catering to a variety of CNC machinery requirements across the globe we specialize in the following right now:

CNC Machinery Centers

Constructed with robust materials and rigid structural parts, our CNC machinery enables faster production with excellent precision. Offering a stable environment, our CNC machinery accomplishes precise cuts while reducing the damaged parts.

Our energy-efficient CMC machinery also utilizes fewer resources, offers a rapid tool change out mechanism and can be programmed for a run long period – leading to reduced lead times.

Horizontal CNC Machining Centers

Maximum turning diameter mm 135 to 600
Maximum turning length mm 150 to 1500
Travel (X/Z) mm 150/250 to 150/1225
Chuck size mm 135 to 380

Vertical CNC Machining Centers

Table size mm 400 X 700 to 900 X 2400
Axis Stroke (X/Y/Z) mm 510 X 400 X 400 to 2100 X 910 X 910
Load capacity Kg 500 to 2800
Spindle BT40 / BT50
Spindle Power KW 5.5/7.5 – 11/15

Gear Cutting Machines


Maximum Work Diameter- 150 mm, 250 mm, 400 mm.

Work Table diameter- 150 mm, 250 mm, and 380mm.

Maximum module- 4, 6, 8.

Grinding Machines

1. CNC Cylindrical Grinder

This CNC Cylindrical grinder from C-Way Exports is a 2-axis CNC machine that is suitable for external components’ grinding for small and medium scale industries. This cylindrical grinder is available with us both in straight and angular wheel head types.


Swing diameter: 260 mm

Admit between center: 400/630/1000 mm

Maximum grinding wheel: Dia 500 mm, width 65 mm

Grinding wheel spindle power: 3.7 KW

2. Heavy Duty Production Bore Grinder

Suitable for large component grinding, this CNC heavy duty production bore grinder machine is ideal for high precision internal bore & face grinding of components.


Maximum rotating diameter of component: 450 mm

Maximum grinding diameter: 250 mm

Maximum grinding length: 150 mm

3. CNC Heavy Duty Cylindrical Grinding Machine

As the name suggest this CNC machinery is a heavy duty grinding machine ideal for heavy components.


Center Height: 200 mm

Maximum grinding length: 1250 mm

Grinding wheel diameter: 500 mm

Grinding wheel width: 160 mm

Why choose C-Way Exports as your CNC machine suppliers?

As a leading provider of industrial and engineering exports services in India, C-Way Exports over the last two decades had developed a robust network of industrial machinery manufacturers that can cater to the versatile requirements of the industries.

As a one-stop destination for all types of industrial supplies – electrical equipment, mechanical tools, products and spare parts and machinery, C- way Exports is the most versatile engineering exports service provider in India today.

Our professional and dedicated team of engineers work in tandem with the best engineering manufacturers in India to source reliable and high-performance machinery with the required specifications. Our extensive team also makes it possible for us to deploy quick prototypes with accurate quotes. If you are looking for reliable and high-performance CNC machinery with robust service life then our engineering experts at C-way Exports can help. Contact us right away here.

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