Energy Efficient Induction Motors

Premium Energy Efficient Motors

C-Way Engineering Exports offer Premium Energy Efficiency industrial motors are manufactured according to the International Standard IEC 60034-30 and IS12615:2011 which defines efficiency class for single speed, three phase, induction motors and are installed in many different industries across the globe. The motors are manufactured using the latest technology ensuring premium efficiency, reliability in operation and service over a long period requiring minimum attention.IE1/IE2/IE3/IE4 premium efficiency motors are best suitable for process industries. The motors are asynchronous low voltage, three-phase and comes with TEFC encloser. IS 12615 covers single speed, three-phase, 50Hz/60Hz, cage induction motors that have rated voltage ≤1000V, output 0.37kW ≤ PN ≤ 375kW and have 2, 4 or 6 poles. The robust, straightforward General performance IE3/IE2 motors meet all basic requirements and are ideal for OEMs to build into pumps and fans, as well as for other applications including gearboxes, conveyors and general machinery.

Technical Specification of Induction Motors

  • Rated Power -0.37 to 37.0 kW
  • Poles  - 4P, 6P, 8P, 10P & 12P
  • Mounting-  B5 flange mounted
  • Frame size- 71 to 315
  • Required Voltage-  415V ± 10% or as required
  • Required Frequency-  50Hz ± 5% or as required
  • Ambient Tem -  45°C.
  • Enclosures-  Totally Enclosed Non Ventilated (TENV) / TEFC
  • Protection-   IP55
  • Ins. class -   Class F with temp. rise limited to class B.
  • Duty -  S1
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