Fire Fighting Pump & System

Fire Fighting Pump & System manufacturers in india

C-Way Engineering Exports provide highly reliable and robust Fire Fighting pump and their complete system. Fire Fighting System relies heavily on fire fighting pumping system, which has to run on emergency condition with adequate water supply at required pressure and made available when needed in the shortest possible time. C-Way Engineering Exports Fire Fighting Pumps are designed and manufactured by highly experienced professional engineers using premium quality components and advanced technology.

Fire fighting system’s fire pumps function either by an electric motor or a diesel engine or occasionally a steam turbine. The pump supply water which is either connected to the underground water supply piping, or a static water source such as tank, reservoir, and lake. The pump provides high pressure water flow to the sprinkler system rises and hose standpipes. These pumps are controlled by pressure sensors, when a sprinkler is on, water gushes out of the system and the pressure drops. The pressure sensors will detect this drop and switch on the fire pumps but the only way to switch off a fire pump is for a fire fighter to do this manually that is designed to avoid the pumps switching off due to any technical reason in the control system.

We offer all the necessary sprinkler pumps, pressure booster systems along with diaphragm tanks, control panels, mounting stands, pressure switches, valves, headers and piping with controller which is wired and connected to a single or multi-pump system. We provide fully customized complete package of Fire Fighting systems to our customer.

C-Way Engineering Exports Fire fighting System

  • Fire Fighting Main Hydrant Pump and Systems
  • Fire Fighting Sprinkler Pump and Systems
  • Fire Fighting Jockey Pump and Systems
  • Fire Fighting Diesel Engine Pump and Systems
  • Fire Fighting Mono block Booster Pump and Systems


Flow Rate Upto  2500 m3/hr
Head Upto  350 Meters
Power Rating  in HP Upto  640 HP
Rated Speed Upto  2900 RPM
Outlet Size Upto  200 mm


  • Residential / commercial structures
  • Warehouses
  • Hospitals, Malls, etc,
  • Industries and Industrial complexes
  • Refineries, Port trusts, etc.
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