Steel Angle

‘C-Way Engineering Exports’ is a leading supplier of Steel Angles. Steel Angles can be equal and unequal. Angles are the most common types of steel section and can be made to various specifications and cut to any size, making them extremely versatile in construction of structures. Steel Angles have ‘L’ shape, 90 degree angle and it conforms to the Steel Standard ASTM A36. Angles are either hot rolled or cold rolled. For manufacturing industries hot rolled angles are preferred because they have a rough surface that makes them suitable for various industrial structures.

Our high-quality Galvanized Angles are hot-dip galvanized by passing the steel through a molten bath of zinc which coats the steel with a thin zinc layer, are perfect material to use for corrosive environment.

Steel Angles are most popular and can be used in number of various purposes such as frames for any steel structure, shelves, fabrications, brackets, manufacturing vehicle body, construction, and maintenance.

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