What Are the Differences Between Seamless Steel Pipes and Welded Steel Pipes?

From the very first rudimentary pipeline used in 25000 BCE to today’s advanced piping system that transports water, various liquids, chemicals, oil, and gas, the piping industry has been the primary driver of the industrial revolution. The need for a more efficient piping system in every century has spurred the need for a better piping manufacturing process.

Differences Between Seamless Steel Pipes and Welded Steel Pipes

The manufacturing of welded pipes in the early 1800s and seamless pipes in the late 1800s are two significant developments in the piping industry that changed the course and the pace of industrial piping system development. Over the time the methods used to manufacture of welded pipes and seamless pipes has also advanced and today they still are the two most common types of piping systems used for piping solutions around the globe.

Seamless Steel Pipes vs Welded Pipes:

As one of the best industrial and engineering export services in India, C-way Exports has had the privilege of supplying quality seamless and welded pipes to our clients all over the globe. Our engineering experts closely work with the clients to deliver the right piping system according to their requirements.

“Deciding between the seamless and welded pipes for the piping application depend upon the project requirements. Each of seamless steel pipes and welded pipes (ERW) have their advantages and disadvantages and they must be carefully considered before making the right choice” says one of our engineering experts at C-way Exports when asked about the right choice of steel piping systems.

So how do they differ from each other and what are the unique properties of seamless steel pipes and ERW welded pipes that merit their selection? With the inputs of our engineering experts at C-Way Exports, we answered the question in this blog today. Read on to know:

Difference between ERW Welded Pipes & Seamless Steel Pipes:

⇒ What is ERW Welded Pipes:

A narrow strip of forged steel is cut into rectangular sheets and fed into a rolling machine that curls the sheet to form a hollow cylinder. The edges of the rolled sheet are melted by passing a high-frequency current and welded together to form a ERW welded pipe as per the given specifications. As the high-frequency current does not leave any residue, the weld is not seen or felt giving a consistent appearance.

  • Due to the manufacturing process, welded pipes come with more consistent wall thickness when compared to seamless steel pipes.
  • Welded pipes offer better corrosion resistance and thus can be employed in low/medium pressure applications.
  • Due to a comparatively economical manufacturing process, welded pipes are cost-efficient.
  • Welded pipes are faster lead times and are ready availability in longer lengths
  • The weld of the welding pipes is considered the weak point and thus offers at least 20% less working pressure than seamless steel pipes.
  • Due to their cost-effectiveness and suitability for low/medium pressure applications welded pipes are preferred in automobile and electronics industries where both pressures on pipes and budget are comparatively low.

⇒ What is Seamless Steel Pipes:

A solid cylindrical billet while still hot is pierced in its centre to form a hollow billet. This semi-formed seamless steel pipe in the form of hollow billet is then rolled and stretched until it becomes seamless pipes with the given thickness, length and width specifications.

Since there are no seams in the seamless pipes, the incidence of structural flaws and malleability is prevented which major advantage, when compared with ERW, welded pipes. Some of the other properties of seamless steel pipes are:

  1. Given they are made of steel billets, seamless pipes are manufactured in shorter lengths, unlike welded pipes which are manufactured in flexible longer lengths.
  2. The absence of weld makes pipes much more uniform, stronger and more resilient than ERW steel pipes .to high-pressure applications.
  3. Their strength and resiliency to high-temperature and high-pressure application make the seamless steel pipe a much better choice for oil, gas and power generation, hydrocarbon, drilling and boiler industries.
  4. Given the complex manufacturing process and higher cost of raw materials, seamless steel pipes from seamless steel pipe suppliers can be more expensive than welded steel pipes.

In short seamless steel pipes offer higher strength and offer tolerance for high pressure and temperature application making them the most reliable steel pipes of the lot.

However, not all applications are the same. Due to the flexibility, fast turnaround and cost-effectiveness they offer, welded pipes fit better in low/mid pressure and temperature applications. For example in structural applications, where there is no performance difference between seamless pipes and ERW steel pipes, the latter is more preferred due to their flexibility and affordability.

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