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What is a butterfly valve?

A butterfly valve is key in managing fluids. It features a rotating disc or plate on a shaft, altering fluid flow. The disc looks like butterfly wings, centred in the pipe. It turns to fully open or shut off the valve. Butterfly valves' simplicity and function make them useful in various scenarios.

Manufactured by reputable butterfly valve manufacturers in India,, these valves come in various sizes and materials to accommodate diverse industrial needs the rotating disc within the valve enables quick and precise flow control, making butterfly valves a popular choice for many fluid handling systems

Where Is It Used?

A butterfly valve is a versatile and efficient component widely used for regulating and controlling the flow of fluids in various industrial applications its unique design and functionality make it a popular choice for numerous industries, offering benefits in terms of simplicity reliability and cost-effectiveness

Water Treatment Plants

Butterfly valves are extensively employed in water treatment plants for controlling the flow of water during different treatment stages they play a crucial role in managing the water supply, ensuring efficient distribution and control in pipes and channels

HVAC systems

Heating ventilation and air conditioning HVAC systems utilize butterfly valves for regulating the flow of air and water in the respective systems these valves provide precise control over the temperature and air circulation, contributing to energy efficiency in buildings

Petrochemical Industry

In the petrochemical sector, butterfly valves find application in handling various fluids including chemicals and petrochemicals their durability and corrosion resistance make them suitable for managing aggressive and potentially hazardous substances

Oil and gas industry

Butterfly valves play a vital role in the oil and gas industry, particularly in pipelines for transporting crude oil and natural gas their quick operation and tight shut-off capabilities are essential for maintaining the integrity of the transportation process

Pharmaceutical manufacturing

Pharmaceutical industries utilize butterfly valves in manufacturing processes to control the flow of liquids and gases during the production of medications the sanitary design of these valves ensures compliance with stringent hygiene standards in pharmaceutical facilities

Food and Beverage Processing

Butterfly valves are common in food and beverage processing plants for controlling the flow of liquids such as water juices and dairy products their stainless steel construction meets the hygiene requirements of the industry, preventing contamination of food products

Agriculture and Irrigation

In agriculture, butterfly valves are used in irrigation systems to regulate the flow of water to fields and crops they provide a cost-effective solution for controlling water distribution in agricultural applications

Power generation

Power plants both conventional and renewable use butterfly valves in various applications such as cooling water systems and steam lines these valves contribute to the efficient operation of power generation facilities

Marine Industry

Butterfly valves play a role in maritime applications including shipbuilding and offshore platforms where they control the flow of water fuel and other fluids their compact design and ease of operation make them suitable for limited space applications

Butterfly valve suppliers and manufacturers in India are home to reputable butterfly valve manufacturers that produce high-quality valves meeting international standards butterfly valve suppliers in India play a crucial role in distributing these valves to diverse industries, ensuring a steady supply of reliable components

Butterfly Valve Supplier & Exporters From India

Wafer Style Butterfly Valve

Flanged Butterfly Valve

Pneumatic Butterfly Valves


  • C-Way Engineering Butterfly Valves are highly efficient and manufactured according to the International Standards- ASTM/ASME, ANSI, API, and DIN in India.
  • The available range of Butterfly valves includes rubber-lined, PTFE-lined, Metal sealing, and High-Performance butterfly valves.
  • Zero leakage, bi-directional Butterfly Valve.
  • Sturdy construction, compact design
  • Butterfly valves are specially designed for the food and beverage industry, chemical, and pharma industries.
  • Available in Manual operated- Hand Lever/Gearbox/Pneumatic-Actuator, Electric, Hydraulic operated.


  • DESIGN STD- BS 5155, API 609, MSS SP 67, and ISO 5752
  • SIZE- Range from 25 NB TO 1500 NB (1" TO 60")
  • MFG STD- BS 5155
  • END- Wafer type to suit ANSI B 16.1/ Flanged End to PN 10/ PN 16 / ASA 150#
  • TEST STANDARD- BS 6755/BS 5155

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