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What is Pneumatic Actuator Valve

A pneumatic actuator valve is an automatic control valve that functions through the use of compressed air to either open or close the valve mechanism. This is achieved by use of an actuator, which is a device that translates energy from compressed air into mechanical motion, which makes possible the manipulation of the valve. The actuator, valve body, and positioner are the key parts of the pneumatic actuator valve.

Actuator: An actuator acts as the powerhouse for a pneumatic actuator valve. It translates the energy stored in the compressed air into movement, either in rotation or linearity, depending upon the type of valve. Two kinds of pneumatic actuators are developed: rotary and linear. Rotating actuators are used in rotating valves, while linear actuators are used in valves where there is a need for linear displacement.

Valve Body: It serves as the path of passage for the fluid or gas inside the container that holds the valve components. A valve body has various shapes depending on the application needs. There are various forms of valve bodies, like globe valves, ball valves, and butterfly valves, which have various requirements in flow control.

Positioner: The name of this device shows that it is used for improving the accuracy of the position of the valve. It ensures that the valve opens and closes to the required extent for maintaining the required flow rate or pressure in the system. The positioner receives control signals and provides feedback for the adjustment of the valve position.

Where Is It Used?

Gate valves play a pivotal role in various industries due to their efficient control of fluid flow. As essential components of fluid handling systems, they find application in a diverse range of sectors. In this article, we will explore the extensive use of gate valves and shed light on the significance of gate valve manufacturers in India and gate valve suppliers in meeting the demand across different industries.

Manufacturing and Processing Industries:

Pneumatic actuator valves are used widely in manufacturing and processing industries where the accurate control of fluid flow or gas is required. From controlling flow of raw materials in chemical plant processing, to the control of steam at power plants generation, these valves ensure the ultimate production process as it is desired.

Oil and Gas Sector

In the oil and gas sector which is full of harsh environmental conditions as well fluid dynamics with volatile substances, pneumatic actuator valves are favoured due to reliability. These valves have been utilised in oil flow equipment like pipelines, refineries and offshore platforms to regulate the course of oil, gas as well other various liquids thus providing safety with high operational efficiency.

Water Treatment Plants

The sites of the water treatment facilities feature pneumatic actuator valves that regulate flows for chemically treating, cleaning and sometimes eliminating sediment from wastewater. These check valves aid in water control, pressure management as well active treatment of pressurised systems.

HVAC Systems

Pneumatic actuator valves are also beneficial for HVAC systems to control air and fluid flow. These valves in turn play a role of effective temperature regulation ensuring suitable and economical homes, offices, as well as factories.

Pharmaceutical and Food Industries

In the pharmaceutical and food processing industries, which require hygiene with great precision level of liquids, gases as well other ingredients used in manufacturing processes; they use pneumatic actuator valves. The valves provided fit the required standards hence made quality products safely.

C-Way Engineering Exports offer high-quality different types of valve automation. We provide Pneumatic Actuators and Solenoid Valves for automation. Pneumatic Actuator Double Acting and Single Acting, which delivers high force and fast speed. Pneumatic Actuators are highly reliable during excessive use or overheating and can be used where hygiene is essential such as pharmaceutical and food and beverage industries. For the past 27 years, C-Way Engineering Exports has been one of the leading pneumatic valve manufacturers in India due to our consistency in maintaining trust and satisfaction amongst our customers.

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Pneumatic Actuator Valve / Automated Valve Manufacturers

C-Way Engineering Exports offer high quality different types of valves automation. We provide Pneumatic Actuator and Solenoid Valves for automation. Pneumatic Actuator Double Acting and Single Acting, which delivers high force and fast speed. Pneumatic Actuators are highly reliable while excessive use or overheating and can be used where hygiene is essential such as pharmaceutical and food and beverage industries.

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  • Heavy-duty Rack and pinion design.
  • Open and close adjustment stops.
  • NAMUR Interface for easy Solenoid Valve installation.
  • For easy mounting ISO 5211 mounting pad.
  • Available in Hard Anodized Aluminium body and Stainless Steel version.
  • A visual indicator, a top-mount indicator.
  • High temperature and corrosion resistant.
  • Fully adjustable limit switches.
  • Easy to install and maintenance-free design.

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