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What Are Globe Valves?

Globe valve­s are useful tools in controlling flow. They ge­t their name from their round shape­ and use a moving plug or disc. This part screws onto a seat to control or e­ven stop the flow of fluids. Unlike ball valve­s, which simply turn the flow on or off, globe valves are gre­at for precise control. This makes the­m perfect for throttling applications.

Where Is It Used?

You can find globe valves everywhere. Made by many manufacturers and distributed by lots of suppliers, these reliable tools serve in a lot of places. They're popular because they're adaptable and can control the flow of liquids precisely. Now, the question is - where do you spot these indispensable parts?

Energy Sector

Oil & Gas: Globe valves are essential. In upstream production or downstream refineries, they control how much fluid moves through pipes. They also handle pressure and help close off equipment for repairs.

Electricity Production: Globe valves in power plants manage the flow of steam to the turbines. They handle cooling water and guarantee boilers operate safely.

Process Industries

Chemical Handling: Globe valves carefully control how corrosive chemicals, slurries, and gases move during different processing steps.

Petrochemical: These units manage hot, high-pressure fluids at refining and chemical facilities, keeping operations effective and secure.

For Pulp & Paper: Global valves manage pulp flow, bleach, and more during paper creation. This aids in maintaining the quality and steadiness of the product.

Other Industries

Globe valves are key in water treatment. They control water movement in plants and handle pressure in delivery networks. Their task helps ensure we get clean water.

HVAC Systems: The valves monitor hot and cold water traffic. They're part of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning mechanisms. Their job? Improve comfort and save energy indoors. Pretty cool, right?

Medicines: In the making of drugs, globe valves control flow and pressure accurately. This keeps the product safe and pure.

Globe valves are useful in many areas because they are flexible and accurate. Picking globe valve manufacturers and suppliers? Keep in mind things like material type, how much pressure and heat it can handle, and what your industry needs. That way, you'll get a valve that works well and lasts a long time.

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Features of Globe Valve

  • Globe valves have high regulating capability as well as positive shutoff.
  • Highly reliable and sturdy structure to ensure excellent performance.
  • Valves are below Sealed, cryogenic, high temperature, and with pressure balancing arrangement.
  • Individually replaceable seat and plug which makes it maintenance-friendly
  • For higher sizes and classes, Anti-friction bearings are provided.
  • Available in Manual operated- Hand wheel/ Gearbox/ Pneumatic-Actuator/ Electric operated.
  • Excellent sealing against increased line pressure

Specifications of Globe Valve

  • SIZE- Range from 15 NB TO 500 NB (1/2" TO 20")
  • MFG STD- BS 1873
  • CLASS- 150#, 300# & 600#.
  • PRESSURE- PN 16 bar
  • FACE TO FACE- as per ASME B16.10 / DIN IS
  • END CONNECTIONS- Variety of end connection Flanged/BW/RTJ.
  • BW END- ASME B16.25
  • TEST STANDARD- ISO5208, BS 6755, DIN 3230
  • FIRE SAFETY- Fire Safe Design NACE MR-01-75 / 0103 MOC- CS / SS / Alloys / Monel / Hastalloys Steel / Bronze

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