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C-Way Engineering Exports’ is a trusted non-return valve/check valve manufacturer, supplier, and exporter in India. Our check valve is engineered for efficiency, and reliability and to prevent backflow in the fluid control system.

Designed for one-way flow (unidirectional flow), constructed in our Valve factory in India, from high-quality material, it offers durability and corrosion resistance, ensuring seamless operation even in a demanding industrial environment.

C-Way Check valve provides dependable performance under varying temperatures and pressure. Sealing material ensures a tight shut–off reduces the risk of leakage in the piping system.

Easy to install, maintain and provide you peace of mind. Ideal for applications including Oil & Gas. Water treatment, chemical processing, and HVAC systems.

We provide all necessary testing certifications such as pressure testing, leakage testing, and material testing certification to ensure the reliability and performance of our check valves.

Type of Check Valve we offer

Dual Plate Check Valve

Dual Plate check valve also known as a double disc check valve comes with a compact design, a heavy-duty spring that reacts swiftly when there are any changes in flow, and quick closing. Dual Plate Check Valve is super easy to install and maintain whenever maintenance is required.

Swing Check Valve

Swing check Valve also known as tilting disk check Valve, has a disc that swings on a hinge which allows forward flow and prevents reverse flow. The disc acts as a stopper when there is enough pressure to withstand the cracking pressure.

Lift Check Valve

Lift Check Valve operates with a lift mechanism that uses a piston or a ball to control liquid flow, lift check valves are most suitable for water applications and applications with high-pressure conditions. To open and close these check valves use a disc that goes up and down, and closes either by spring or simply by gravity.

Wafer Check Valve

Also known as a butterfly check valve, these check valves are designed to fit between two flanges. It has a wafer or disk supported by a spring and attached to a hinge. These valves are lightweight, cost-effective, easy to install, and suitable for applications where space is very limited. It operates unidirectional while preventing backflow, when the flow stops or reverses, due to gravity and backflow pressure the disc then returns to a close position.

Check Valve Exporters from India

Check Valve

Swing Check Valve

Plug Valve


  • Size: 1/2" to 36"
  • Material of Construction
  • Body - Cast Iron, Carbon Steel, WCB, CF8, CF8M, Hastelloy, Bronze, Duplex, Super Duplex, Alloy, LCB etc.
  • Disc: WCB, CF8, CF8M, Hastelloy, Super Duplex, LCB etc.
  • Seat: EPDM, Nitrile, PTFE, Viton etc.
  • Type: Ball type, Wafer Type, Piston Type, Spring Loaded
  • Connection Type: Screw, Flanged, Threaded, BW.
  • End Configuration: Wafer, Lug, Flanged
  • End Connection Std: ASME B16.5
  • Pressure Rating: ANSI Class 150# to 2500#
  • Testing Std: API 598, ISO 5208, BS 6755
  • Temperature Rating: ASTM B 16.34
  • Design Std: ASME, BS1868, API 6D. API 602
  • Face to Face (F to F): ASME B 16, 10/DIN IS/ BS
On request
  • Non Slam arrangement
  • Rubber Lining

Advantages of our Check Valve

  • Compliance with International Standards: Manufactured with API, ANSI, and ASTM international standards, ensures the reliability and efficiency of our valve.
  • Special Feature: Spring-loaded discs for faster closing, soft-seated options for tight shut-off, and corrosion-resistant coatings for durability come with additional features.
  • Wide range of applications: Our valves are engineered for versatility and cater to a diverse range of industrial applications from Oil and Gas to Water treatment.
  • Reduced Water Hammer and Quick Closure: The swift closure mechanism of our Dual Plate Check Valve minimizes the risk of water hammering in high pressure, ensuring the integrity and longevity of the system.
  • Space-Saving Designs: Our compact design wafer check valves and other slick design check valves are perfect for installation with limited space constraints.
  • Premium Quality Material: Manufactured from high-quality materials, our Check Valves are built for corrosion resistance, durability, and prolonged service life in demanding industrial environments.
  • Simple Installation and Low Maintenance: Our Check Valves are designed for efficiency, easy to install, and low maintenance, ensuring minimal downtime.
  • Customization: We can manufacture Check Valve according to your needs.

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With decades of experience in the industry, 'C-Way Engineering Exports’ witnessed the critical importance of utilizing high-quality Pipes & Tubes that meet international standards. Whether you are in Oil and Gas, petrochemical, power generation, or any other industry relying on efficient and reliable piping systems, investing in high quality valves is essential. Don't compromise on safety, performance, or longevity. Partner with trusted suppliers like us ‘C-Way Engineering Exports’, who prioritize quality and adherence to standards, ensuring your projects are built to last.

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