Importance of Cutting Tools in Machine Industries

Cutting tools are the basic premise upon which the machine industry is based. Without efficient cutting tools, none of the crucial processes involved in the machine industry can be carried out with the required finesse. The procedures of cutting, milling, drilling, and so on in a machine industry require the presence of the best cutting tools for engineers to ensure that the productivity of the work to be high as possible.

Importance of Cutting Tools
Importance of Cutting Tools in Machine Industries

Here are the various important aspects of having cutting tools in machine industries:

1. Better Productivity

The difference between a profitable component of the machine industry and a component facing losses lies within the levels of effective productivity. Using efficient cutting tools is equivalent to using good quality components and machinery to carry out various tasks of the day. Hence, when the components required for getting the work done are good in terms of quality, the overall productivity of the unit is obvious to reach its peak.

Productivity means that good quality products are coming out without hampering the time consumed to get the work done. By having a good cutting tool supplier, one can ensure that the productivity levels of the unit are up to the mark with smooth and sharp cuts. According to research by reputed and leading organisations, cutting tools hold the capability of boosting production levels of a unit by 20%.

2. Time Effective

Using effective cutting tools in the machine industry is considered extremely crucial when it comes to time management. Even if the quality of the products is quite high and the deadline is not met at the end of the day, none of it matters. Hence, having effective engineering machine tools in such units ensures that the best quality results come out within the desired time limit. This means that cutting tools help workers to remove metal in a shorter period.

3. Efficiency

The values of any component do not matter in the machine industry unless the efficiency is matched up to the desired levels. There have been research papers by many reputed organisations and authorities that even though the metal cutting tools hold the share of production costs of as low as about 3%, purchasing the most apt ones according to the work helps the manufacturing units save up to as much as 15% on the overall costs.

Types of Cutting Tools

There are various types of cutting tools available in machine tool industry. These are-

1.Turning tools and inserts
2.HSS cutting tools
3.Solid carbide cutting tools
4.Brazed carbide cutting tools
5.Gear cutting tools
6.Threading taps and dies
7.Broaching tools
8.PCD/CBN/CVD tools


Using the latest and best quality cutting tools in the machine industry ensures that the least amount of effort is supposed to be put into the work, all the while yielding the best levels of production in the desired time frame. However, with a component this important – it is essential that one chooses to buy the cutting tools for their manufacturing units only from the best suppliers.

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